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union made clothing![organic cotton distributors]Original title★▲▲: China crude oil futures official listing transaction China new network client March 26th on March 26, China crude oil futures officially listed in the Shanghai Futures Exchange Subsidiary – Shanghai International Energy Trading Center officially listed transactions. Secretary of the Party Committee of the China Securities Regulatory Commission=▲○•, Chairman Liu Shi△○▪-, the Party Committee of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, and Jiang Yang, at the same time, at the same time◇•◆◁, the deputy chairman of the Securities Regulatory Commission, the deputy chairman of this listing ceremony. Liu Shi, chairman of the Securities Regulatory Commission, said that there is confidence to be determined to build crude oil futures. It is understood that crude oil futures are the first global list of Chinese commodity futures■▼◇, which is the first step in Chinas internationalization. Responsible Editor▲•□: Chu Xiaoh.

Original title: Let private enterprises have enhanced in policies to get the first •▼•◇”foreign★◁▲” talent introduction documents in Guiyang City recently, Guiyang City has introduced “Ten measures on innovative industrial talents to promote large data large-scale investment”, This is the first document of the first focus on industrial enterprises outside the organ unit in Guiyang▼▪=. This document revolves around the key industries◁△▼, major projects and entity economic development, with technology■◇, with projects, with team-established national expert talents, provincial and ministerial expert talents and high-level talents, and give 5 million yuan, 3 million yuan respectively. Funded funds with 1 million yuan projects▪▷◇◆. According to the person in charge of the Organization Department of Guiyang Municipal Committee, Guiyang Citys previous talent policy documents include talents who introduce cultivated organs, more measures for organs, and priva◁◁★….

China Xinwang Xian May 26 (Gaoyu Alena) reporter learned from the Air Force Military Medical University Tangdu Hospital=•■▷, after four hours of emergency treatment of emergency transshipment and hospitals across Shaanxi Ganning and Hospitals, a cerebral artery The critical patient of tumor rupture finally turned into a risk, and he was discharged on the 26th◆★○◁. On May 4…▲=◆, Shaanxi Xianyang High School Brigade received a call from Gansu police, a Ningxia Guyuan patients brain aneurysm rupture, the condition is critical=-◇▪, and there is a danger of life▪★▷, local hospitals let go of the Air Force Medical University Tangdu Hospital Neurosurgery The ambulance is rushed to Shaanxi along the Ningxia Police to rush to Shaanxi along Fuyin Expressway◇•◁▲. Patients accept inspections. Air Force Military Medical University Tangdu Hospital for ◁☆-.

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