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yellow reflective jacket.[board shorts manufacturers usa]Original title Week, talk about maternal jumps: the dean agreed to save the hospital to save the wounded, the National Peoples Congress representative◇□-●, the highest court Dean Zhou Qiang: In an emergency□◁▷◆, the hospital can not seek the patients family consent (implementing the rescue)○•△, after the hospital dean agreed, The hospital will be excused to save the wounded. On the morning of March 10th•=☆, Zhou Qiang▲□, a representative of the National Peoples Congress and the Supreme Court▼-, at the 13th National Peoples Congress, a meeting●■, talking about the event of a maternal jumping building in last year, the Supreme Court responded to social concerns★□, and proposed An opinion□■: In an emergency☆★, the hospital can not seek the patients family consent (implementing rescue), after the hospital dean agrees, the hospital will be exempted by the hospital☆★▽. On the evening of August 31, 2017, in the first hospital of Yulin City, Shaanxi Province, maternal hors?

Original title: National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference, Sun Chengye: It is recommended that the general train will cancel the comprehensive non-smoking cover of the smoking area☆…★. It is said that he will submit the proposal for “About the Cancellation of the Railway Ordinary Train Tobacco Area and Train”, which calls for comprehensive ban on smoking on ordinary passenger trains-□▼◆. Cover Journalists learned that according to the “Railway Safety Management Regulations” developed by the State Council, my country is currently fully smoking on the train group and high-speed train train, but only for ordinary trains are required to ban smoking in the non-smoking area, most railway bureaus is still in the carriage The position of the connection is set up in the smoking area•▽☆★, and many controversies have been triggered in recent years-•. In August 2017, Heb▷◆•▽.

Original title: Zhang Yingying suspect lawyer requested the main judge to avoid the highest method of the United States to veto Overseas Network March 21st Electricristensen was accused of kidnapped in June 2017 and murdered with the University of Illinois, Zhang Yingying, this suspects lawyer Annual judge asked for the main trial before the month ago. Recently, the claims have been rejected. The US Supreme Court said that in accordance with the law, there is no reason to ask this judge to avoid, because there is not enough evidence that this judge is “prejudial●▼” in the trial. According to the US Chinese network, according to the local TV WCCU website, the lawyer who suspect Christensen is asked for the main review of the Chinese scholar Zhang Yingying s federal judge Bruc◇-.