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china tee shirts – spandex pants.[chinese t shirt printing]Original title•△: 21 days, the same system falls 6 offices Source: Changan Street, I have retired for nearly 2 years☆▼, May 18▪=▷, Jilin Provincial Traffic Investment Group former Chairman Qiu Zhuang once again entered peoples vision•◁. It is only no longer a “May 1st Labor Medal” winner, but the provincial discipline supervision committee announced that the horse was announced•=◆. Changan Street…◇, Id: CapitalNews, combed, found that the recent transportation field reproduces the dense anti-corruption signal■•▼, Yang Tingjun, deputy director of Henan Communications Department, deputy director of Heilongjiang Communications Department, was investigated; at the end of April▼●-▽, the deputy general of Shenyang Railway Bureau Manager Wang Mang, member of the Jilin Transportation Department Party Group Chen Lihua☆…○★, Ningxia Transportation Deputy inspector Zhang Xingguo attacked in 2 days•▲. 21 days, the traffic system falls into the six-level cadres! Qiu Zhuang official announc☆■☆.

Original title☆■◆: The first anniversary of Xiongan Architecture on both sides of the main road of Rongcheng County, mostly renamed Xiongan New District Rongcheng aerial photography▷▽. Visual China Information on April 1st▷☆, Baiyangdian light wind caller, the citizen center is completed…□. The Aowei Building, No◇★▷▷. 100, Rongcheng Owei Road, is busy. As the Temporary Office of the Party Working Committee of the Xiongan New District, the provisional office of the management committee may be one of the most concerned offices in China in the past year, not only its own officially dense, but also frequently receiving the central and local investigation groups of visitors. Space is forced◁•★, the personnel are in short supply○•-, and it is the most prominent impression of the visitors. Based on the amount of get off work=◁, there is no more than unpredictability, there is no strictly and off work, and there is no clear unit and the dormitory. There are a bed in many offices to prepare for work too lat●▷□.

Original title: Jiangsu Consumer Protection Committee withdrawal of Baidu “involved in consumers privacy-◁”○▽•: APP renewal to Baidu company suspected of violating consumers personal information, Jiangsu Provincial Consumer Protection Committee filed a consumption civil public welfare lawsuit at the end of last year (2017) After the case, after the “Baidus rectification of the above problems”, the Jiangsu Provincial Consumer Protection Commission decided to withdraw the prosecution. On March 14th-▼…, the reporter learned from the Jiangsu Provincial Consumer Protection Committee that the dismoxigation application was ruling from the Nanjing Intermediate Peoples Court on March 12 to the Jiangsu Provincial Consumer Protection Committee withdrawal. “This case is the first national information security consumption civil public welfare lawsuit.” Zhang Hao, director of Jiangsu Provincial Consumer Protection Committee Complaint, said that although it has been withdraw boys ski jacket supplier bamboo fabric manufacturers usa wholesale custom clothing vendors!

Original title●▼: German ■△”China City”◇▷•●: Duisburg has become China-euantan direct to Europes portal to Europe☆▲, Shandong Weihai Port, Direct to Duisburg, Germany, the class■=★, the class is 11,000 kilometers per week, full of 11,000 kilometers. Do not restructive△★◆◆, do not re-restructure▪▽•●, no unloading, is the first “point-to-point” in Shandong Province. Image Source: Xinhua News Agency China Daily Network August 3 At most time in the 20th century, Duisburg is a German industrial city filled with steel and coal, and its towering chimney will cover the sky in the haze. in. However, Ruhr Valley, which is contaminated by the drum, which seems to be slowly discovering the value of the world. According to the British □-▷”Guardian” report on August 1, Duisburg has the worlds large▼■-.

Original title: (two conferences) Let the soldiers become the respectable career of the whole society – the military representative member recommended that the military honor and professional attractive Xinhua News Agency Beijing March 14th: Let the soldiers become the respect of the whole society – The military representative member recommended the military honor and professional attractive Xinhua News Agency Mei Changwei, Fan Yongqiang, Zhen Zhenhua promotes the militarys rights to ensure the legislation of the military, the militarys honorary system☆□●▪, accelerate the establishment of the retired military affairs department … Silver representatives of the national two sessions Members said that let the soldiers become the respectful career of the whole society, it is an important measure to achieve the strong army of the party in the new era. It is necessary to build an important measure of the worlds first-class army. It must mobilize the whole system, adopt a variety of measures◇-•, and continuously improve the military honor and professional attraction□■◁●. force. Military social stat!