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[usa down waterproof jackets]Source▪•●: Beijing traffic broadcasts latest: According to Beijing fire, the current fire has been destroyed. At around 8 this morning▼…, Wangjingqiao, Wangjing Bridge, North Fourth Ring Road◆▪▪○, is rolling on the spot•□. Currently-•, the cause of casualties is unknown. Fire has entered on-site disposal▷■=. Widneuse vehicles Oral traffic police arrangements, pay attention to driving safety. Beijing traffic radio reporters are rushing to the scene of the accident□▲. (Picture of netizens) Editor△▲•: Huo -▪-.

Original title●•★: a piece of color steel plate “forced to stop” Beijing-Shanghai line, how many safety blind regions along the high-speed rail? The railway department has established an effective communication mechanism along the local government along the high-speed railway to jointly take the safety of the high-speed rail▪△. In particular, “Clearance Area” neighboring zone cannot be a safety blind spot, which should be optimized from the system to strengthen daily supervision▼◇▼, and clarify the responsibilities and obligations of all parties. Wen Editorial Yesterday morning, Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail Beijing south to Langfang caused equipment failure due to a •▼”flying” color steel plate in the day before night. This piece of color steel plate from a hunted private house, a 7-meter-long nearby, causing the contact network in the accident interval to be broken, and the contact network is also severely damaged; 30 on the viaduct The multi-meter rail guardrail◁◁◇, a transformer box is smashed. After the railway department is repair▷••▷.

Original title: Entry with customs tariff cost largest US imported wine thrinth China Market Beijing Business News (Reporter Liu Yibo) China-US trade friction upgrade◆★▷◁, US imported wine-terrorism has declined. After the US announced the collection of tax on 60 billion US dollars, the official website of the Ministry of Commerce issued information on the import of some products such as wine and other products such as wine, of which wine was pronged for 15% tariff▪◆▪. If this tax rate is executed, the US wine export to Chinas tariff is as high as 29%▪-▪. Compared with Chile, which has achieved zero-tariff and Australia that will achieve zero-tariffs next year, the competitive advantage is greatly reduced, and many imported wine dealers are likely. Quickly cool down for American wine. According to the data of the 98th National Sugar Ceremony▪○★…, imported win.

Original title△▷◆: Rolling ship and bulk ship crashes in the waters of the Pearl River…=•, causing bulk ships to sink, 9 people rescued on board○★: China Daily Guangzhou Maritime Department Site Organization Search Search Save the maritime personnel to save the water supply personnel reporters from Guangzhou Sea search and rescue The center learned that in 1912, 2018●▲○▪, at the nearby waters of Saji 41○◁, the main channel of the main channel of Zhujiangou◁•▼, 2201 vehicles were loaded from Guangzhou Xindsha Port, Panama, South Korea. The ▲-=”Cherry△▪” wheel with the “Cherry” wheel and the bulk ship □☆=”Chenchang 332″ wheel from Shenzhen Fuyong to Dongguan Daozi◁●, a collision accident caused the ●▷▽”Chenchang 332-▼•□” ship hull to break, partially sinking, “Chenchang 332” board is full of water△-•◇. Transportated by Guangzhou Sea Search and Rescue Center, Guangzhou Mariti.mens grey bomber jacket pink and blue varsity jacket anti china shirt,