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[varsity letter d]Original title: China has issued a statement on Sino-US economic and trade consultations. These three key points are very important [Heroes Island] Sino-US economic and trade consultations have made new progress…▼. From June 2nd to 3rd•▼▲▽, the US team led by the Deputy Prime Minister of Liu He and the US Secretary of Commerce Rose■□, in the Diaoyutai Guolian, for consultation with the economic and trade issues of the two countries. At noon today, China issued a statement on China and the United States and economic and trade consultations. The full text is not long◁●▽◁, but the amount of information is quite enough. Island Uncle believes that there are three key points, it is worth a little interpretation. First of all●■▲, in the spi■▪▽, the two sides have implemented good communication in the consensus of the two countries in Washington○▼, in many fields such as agriculture, energy, have achieved positive◇=◁◁, specific progress, and related details to be identified by both sides. It can be seen that both parties can enter in Beijin□●!

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing◆=•, March 17th: All representatives of the Peoples Liberation Army and the Armed Police Force delegation unanimously listened to the Presidential Mission to the Command and the New Times Mission◇◇, Xinhua News Agency Li Xuanliang, Mei Shixiong▼◆, Mei Changwei core pilot new era▽○=◁, commander New journey of the helm. At the fifth plenary meeting of the 13th National Peoples Congress held on the 17th●○, General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Central Committee, President of the Central Military Commission, Xi Jinping, the Chairman of the Peoples Republic of China, the Central Military Commission of the Peoples Republic of China. Seeing that I personally witnessing this major historical moment, the PLA and the Armed Police Force delegation were excited and deeply encouraged-△▷. Everyone agreed that Chairman Xi is the helm of the new era, the peoples leader, the officers and soldiers must always condense under the banner of the party, resolutely list.

According to the website of the Peoples Republic of China: Yellow Sea is in the east sea in Qingdao to Rizhao, from 1800 to August 10▲•, 2018 to 18000000000000★■◇, in the following 5 main market (using 2000 China) Land coordinate system)◁◆▼▪: (1) 35-55.00N / 120-20□▪▷●.00E; (2) 35-55.00N / 121-37.00E▪=◆; (3) 35-08.00N / 121-37.00E; (4) 35-08.00 N / 119-50.00E; (5) 35-33.50 N / 119-50.00E. In order to ensure safety, any ship must not enter. Editor in charge□•: Huo women”s yoga wear australia windproof softshell jackets custom – compression high waisted underwear. active wear vendors kids flannel jacket!