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[flannel coats]Original title…■: Beijing geographic national situation is announced: half of the second ring and the three rings are the building near Beijing East Third Ring Road. Visual China Data Chagraphs in Beijing, nearly 1.6 million meters, the area of ​​the second ring, more than half of the three rings is the house building area, the coverage area of ​​forest grass is more than 60%■☆, and the total area is 59 square meters•□-. Kimi ◇–..…••. Recently, the Beijing Municipal Planning and Land and Resources Management Committee, the Municipal Bureau of Statistics and the Municipal First Geographic Census Leading Group Office jointly issued the first geographic national conditions of Beijing▪▲◁, the first time the capital geographic affairs of the country is. The public can check and browse these data by logging in to the Beijing Municipal Planning and Land and Resources Management Committee and Tiandi · Beijing website query and browse these data. This census is June 3, 20☆☆▽•?

China Xinwang Xining May 27th (Li Jiangning) Xining Wildlife Park on the 27th of Chinas existing 2nd and 3rd artificial breeding Snow Leopard ◇▲”ink○•▲” “oil painting★□” held two years old birthday. According to reports, Xining Wildlife has successfully bred a female Snow Leopard (proud) in 2016, May 27, 2019=▷, Xining Wildlife Park once again breeds a pair of female snow leopard twins, for the existing 2nd and third artificial in China-▲◇△. Breeding Snow Leopard. On May 27○△●○, 2020▷◆◁▽, the name of Snow Leopard is named ▪▽◇▽”ink” and “oil painting”◇●◇○. In the past two years○☆, the attention of all walks of life has made Snow Leopard sisters a star animal in Xining Wildlif•-…◁.

Original title: National Peoples Congress representative Shen Tiemei suggest: Standardize the nanny industry to let “issue babysitter▽◇” into the blacklist National Peoples Congress, Chongqing Sichuan Theater▽▼▲, Shen Tei Specialist Li Wenke,, March 19, 11●△▪◇:25 (Chief reporter Yan Zhen Xu Wei) In recent years, the nanny and the housekeeping industry have occurred frequently▪•▲, but with the development of my countrys social economy, the demand for the housekeeping industry is growing▪○■▪, how to achieve industry standardization? Representative of the National Peoples Congress, Shen Tiemei◆▲, the Dean of Chongqing Sichuan Theater, suggested that the nanny duties were clearly defined▽□, deepened the nanny management▽□☆▪, and establish a credit system☆•▽•, let “issue babysitter” into the blacklist, eliminate “problem babysitter=★▲△” again in the housekeeping market. Question▷■: Housekeeping staff is not good for securi.

Original title: Multi-representative suggestions to add Internet Court Specialization Trial involved Internet Cases on August 18, 2017, Hangzhou Internet Court was established=▲◆▷, and he tried on the issue of disputes involving infringing information network communication rights. With the development of e-commerce★•, sharing economic and Internet finance△○☆○, Xinhua News•□, the corresponding Internet litigation case has increased, and the Internet court specializing in such cases has gradually entered the public vision•☆. At the national two sessions, many national NPC representatives have added Internet courts△▪◆◇, specialized to trial Internet cases. For example, Wang Shujiang, Dean, Sichuan Provincial High Court■-▽, recommended to establish a Internet court in Chengdu; Vice President of China University of Political Science and Law suggested in Beijing, Shenzhen set up a Internet court as soon as possible○○▽▼; Shenzhen Mayor Chen Rucheng also advocated Shenzhen and other plac.

Original title: Jingha line line equipment fault part of the train late at Beijing News (Reporter Liu Yang) Today (March 4th) afternoon, many netizens reflected, Dalian to Beijing D31 train is a sudden parking near the mountain customs, all car Power off▪○▽●, but also hot. Subsequently▼●, China Railway Beijing Bureau Group Co.☆○△, Ltd. official microblog report said that the Beijinghargo and Jinqin High-speed Railway Mountain Customs Station to Qinhuangdao Station, leading to the end of the train. At 14 oclock in the afternoon△□○◁, there is a Weibo netizen reported that the D31 train opened to the peak of the mountains and has been parked for more than 1 hour. “At present, there is no air supply in the car. There is no air supply system. Some older passengers have hypoxia performance▪▼▲, such as sweating, palpitations•△. It has already been found to find medical staff. Passengers do not have any information, dont know what is going o custom sports bra! custom sports bra – womens ski jacket factory wholesale hoodie manufacturers!