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[how to make your own brand of t shirts]Original title: Angry school training institution••●■, the Minister of Education is a fashion poem on March 16th□◆△, the 13th National Peoples Congress One Meeting News Center held a press conference in the Multi-Film, Metacity Office, and the Minister of Education Chen Baosheng. Let each child can enjoy a fair and quality education△▪. “Question questions from Chinese and foreign reporters. Talking about the phenomenon of the extraordinary training institution, Chen Baosheng came to the section of FreeStyle: ▼●”Chicken Soup is drunk, wrong to fool the jade. This is not good! Dont listen to the advice and listen, the burden increases everyone.” Chen Baosheng Batch: Many training institutions are □◇”chicken soup + flicker••”. Super preoperative, superline, violation▽•-, no qualifications. Students hate, parents helpless, institutions make money☆…, this situation is not allowed one piece activewear! The following is a te?

Original title☆◁: For public welfare protection to create a “safety valve” – ​​Zhang Xuexu, deputy inspectors of the Supreme Peoples Procuratorate, on the two sessions of the country just closed, the procuratorate filed a reform of the public welfare litigation system, and the representative member was a bit like. The procuratorial public welfare lawsuit has achieved initial success, but there are some problems to be solved. How will this reform will continue to deepen▲=▲◇? How to strive for more understanding and support for the public, administrative organs, etc. on prosecutors? The reporter interviewed Zhang Xuexi, deputy director of the Supreme Peoples Procuratorate. Reporter: The highest inspection work report mentioned that in July 2017, the national procuratorate has been filed 10○△☆,925 cases of public welfare litigation cases-□, most of which are cases in the field of environmental resources, especially in the field of food and drug safety. not muc!

Original title: Taiwan Taiwan hopes to avoid “Zero Bangran-▲”, but the foreign media said that the US State Department recalled on September 7●◇▽▷, which was sent to the US ambassador to Panama, Salvador and Dominican Republic□-▽★, which has successively used mainland China☆◇▪•. Building a diplomatic relations. Washington is therefore accused ▷•”arrogant•△=”, and it has also caused some entrepreneurial alerts that they are worried that trade relations with the United States will be implicated. Japans “Dynasty News” published reporters on September 9●■▽, a report entitled ★■◇●”Domino” Breakdrison “to the” Diplomatic Difficulty •▪☆=”, which reported that the country with the so-called” Bang Classification “relationship with Taiwan announced And Taiwans “Breaking-●”, Taiwans so-called “Bang Division△◇▽•” is now only 17 countries. Taiwan has begun to appear in the discussion of “Bang Dranon” becomes zer.

Original title: [Depth] Network Strong Country “Arena”•●: China has a short board, four strengths Hybrid jacket yoga pants leggings difference polyester shirt wholesale,!邬 贺 铨, Chinese Academy of Engineering, Optical Fiber Transport Network and Broadband Information Network Experts. It has been engaged in the technical management and engineering science and technology consulting project of fiber optic transmission systems and broadband network development, Chinas next-generation Internet (CNGI) and 3G / 4G / 5G. CCTV Financial Channel “China Economic Lecture Hall” invited the academician of He Hezhen, for your detailed explanation, “How to get online, how to get□☆? 2016 is the 60th anniversary of computer applications★▷, the 60th anniversary of the artificial intelligence concept, the 50th anniversary of fiber optic communication, 50th anniversary of Moore Law, 40th Anniversary of Honeycomb Mobile Communication Application, 25th Anniversary of Internet Web Technology, now Integra.

Original title: Li Hongzhongs party, on the afternoon of the 22nd▽=, the Central Committee of the Political Bureau, Li Hongzhong, secretary of the Tianjin Municipal Party Committee, participated in the “July 1◆★△=” Theme Party Day of the Party Branch of the Municipal Party Committee Office of the Office of the Office of the Municipal Party Committee, and told the Party Member of the Branch Party classes, communication with you to learn from the new era of Chinas characteristic socialist thinking and the partys nineteen spirit, revisit the partys glorious history, firmly establish ▪=”four awareness”◁■, and enhance resolutely safeguards the general secretary of Xi Jinping▷-◆, General Secretary Party The core…•◆■, the core status of the whole party, resolutely safeguard the ideological consciousness and action of the partys central authority and centralized leadership◇☆. Li Hongzhong (information map) Li Hongzhong said that when commemoration of the 97th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, we grew up, learn to exchange◇=●, and celebrate the birthday of the part▽▲?