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[rainwear manufacturers]China New Network Beijing May 28 (Reporter Wang Kai) is well known that scientific research institutions or team applies for funding, naturally requires a certain time and cycle. But you know? Just sent a trail of Yuan Longping, when he was interviewed in the media, he applied for research funding is often “second arrival”•=■◁. Why is this? Yuan Longping gave a “back door”? Drilling the ▼◇•”empty” of the process and system◇◆? The answer is of course negative, his research funds apply for a reasonably legal compliance of 100%. Think about what Yuan Laos research project is? The answer will not be selfful▽◇◆. As the ▽•=”father of hybrid rice”◇▼▲○, Yuan Longping and its team research about Chinese peoples rice bo.

Source■▷▷: Air Force releases [China Air Force multi-style fighter continuous “Wrought island cruise” inspection combat capabilities] China Air Force spokesperson Shen Jin University issued news on April 19th□◁☆…, Air Force recently organized multiple bombers and reconnaissance machinery systems Island cruise, hammering enhances the ability to safeguard national sovereignty and territorial integrity. The air force launched in the sea direction of the military training, dispatched a multi-fashion machine such as -6K●△•, Su-30, 歼 -11 and reconnaissance machine, early warning machine. Bombing – 6K and other fighters have implemented the “Wire Island Cruise” training topic, enhanced motorization, and inspected active ability. Boom-6k fighter is Chinas autonomous development of China-Leveling bombers, which takes the important mission of delivery of national power and will▷▷■●. The Air Force has trained in the Yuanhai Ocean Training and Wire Island Cruise in recent year.

Original title: Agricultural rural department issued African swine fever II epidemic situation Warning This website released on August 3 Human population☆▪▲-. On August 1st, the live pigs of a farmers in Shenbei New District, Shenyang, Liaoning Province were suspected of African swine fever epidemic○◆▲■, stocking 383, 47 onset, 47 deaths. After receiving the report◇▪, I immediately guided the local prevention measures and sampling the detection. On August 3, he was diagnosed by China Animal Health and Epidemiology Center (National Foreign Animal Disease Research Center), which was an African swine fever. After the epidemic, our department launched a Level II emergency response in accordance with the “African Pig Feed Epidemic Emergency Plan□◇”. Start emergency response machine according to the requiremen.

Original title•○○☆: US Trade Policy Representative LeTheze: China and the United States hope A 60-day window period will be given before the entry into force of Chinas commodity tariffs, or before June this year or will not undertake tariffs▷▼. When asked whether China and the United States may avoid tariff conflicts through negotiations☆•▪, Wright Sizawei said▼△: “I think this has hope.-•” He also said that China and US trade relations “will bring a good place” will need a few Year time☆◆◇. In the interview, LeTheze said that the total amount of the total amount of more than $ 50 billion will include most high-tech products. He said that these items will be selected by the computer algorithm, aimed at maxim△▷?

Original title: “The composition on the answer sheet is not what I wrote” 4 Henan parents questioned the childs college entrance examination answer card “Take the package△▲” =•”I now suggest that the relevant departments investigate my daughters composition, who is the name? There is a problem▼▼■-. “Mr. Su said he has let his daughter have written the contents of the essay and submit it to the agency that investigates the matter. “On the one hand, the handwriting★•, on the one hand, I check my daughter essay☆○.” ▲ Mr. Su Mr▪●▼. Sus essay topic, and her daughter claimed to be in the examination room. Mr△◆-△. Su said that someone in the answer sheet imitated her daughters handwriting. Wen Xinyang reporter Duan Rui super intern Qixin Li wants Wang Yanhua editor Skill ► This article is about 3370 words•△●■, reading the full text is about 6 minutes to recently▼●●, a “four parents question candidat.