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[ethical activewear manufacturer]Original title: May 1 holiday nationwide tourism reception capacity 147 million Beijing News News (Reporter Shaob) On May 1st, the reporter learned from the Department of Wenxiao, “May 1” holidays receive 14.7 billion domestic tourists, year-on-year growth 9.3%, realizing domestic tourism revenue 87◇■◁△.16 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 10▽☆■.2%. In Zhongchun◇◁●…, the rural tour is hot, the opening ceremony of the Rhododendron Festival in Longjiang County, Qiqihar City=■▷•, Heilongjiang Province▲•=◁, from around 30,000 people from the county city▽=. Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps held holiday activities such as Tulip Flower Festival•☆, Peach Blossom▲=, Wind Bus Festival-◆•, a total of 686◆★▼,000 visitors during the “May 1◆▷” period, an increase of 17% year-on-year, and the tourism revenue was 316 million yuan…○, an increase of 17-▪•★.9% year-on-year. This year, Fifth, Wenxao integrate tourism products, research tourism-◁•, red tourism□•…, et□☆.

Original title: The first show expert of the Central Finance and Economic Committee, the three major attacks◇•=-. [Abstract] The central financial leadership team is connected to the Central University of Finance, and it is actually a very important aspect of this institutional reform. It can play for some major reform issues and major issues. Greater role…○■. Xie Jiangshan was held from the afternoon of Shanghai on April 2, the first meeting of the Central Finance and Economic Committee◁◇▪■, which is another heavy meeting after the first meeting of the Reform Commission on March 28th. The meeting reviewed the ○…”Central Financial Committee Work Rules”, emphasized that the Party Central Committee should strengthen the centralized unified leadership of economic work▽▪○■, and do a good job in the top design□△★▲, overall layout, overall layout of the economic sector=☆▽, overall promotion=◇•△, and supervise the implementation. The meeting focuses on the three attac▷★.

Original title: Chinas factory is too magical▼•▽◇: a car offline every 2 minutes! “Science Fiction…■▷” is the soup sportswear maker Next Posts». 100 organic cotton t shirt manufacturers private label snowboard! The world is in the intersection of the new technological revolution and industrial change. Informatization, industrialization is constantly incorporated, the smart equipment industry represented by robotics is booming. In 2017, China continued to become the worlds largest industrial robot market, and sales exceeded 120,000 units, accounting for about one third of the worlds total production. At the same time, China has become the first consumption of high-end CNC machine tools for the ninth consecutive year, and 50% of 50% of CNC machines around the world are on Chinas production line. This year, Chinas total number of artificial intelligence companies is close to 600, jumped the world second; Chinas 3D add-up manufacturing industry has reached 8 billion yuan■●●□, the product system is getting more and more, equipme?