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denim jean wholesale supplier – blank polyester shirts forublimation mesh design leggings,[leggins depot]Original title••: Vietnam has a statement of South China Sea▽△, this time is the Prime Minister of the Vietnamese Government of Indonesia, Shi Chunfu, Chairman, Ocean, Indonesia, Ocean Co-ordination Minister Lufurt. (Image Source: Y Yichang) China Nanhai News Network March 29th According to Y Yedong News reported on the 28th, on the afternoon of March 28th in the government headquarters●■-, the Vietnamese government Prime Minister Yan Chunfu is visiting Indonesian Ocean Coordination of Indonesia in Vietnam. Luhou Binhal Pan Jietan☆◁○•. When you met, Yan Chunfu said that Vietnam and Indonesia are ASEAN member states▼◆, which maintain close cooperation in bilateral relations and even regions. During the period▪▼••, Qi Chunfu reiterated Vietnam in maintaining peace and security in the South China Sea◇▲…, that is★□, compliance with international law and resolved disputes through peaceful measures. On the same day•★□, Y Y Yedong has reported that the French President Marcro will invite the central governmen=….

Xinhua News Agency Abuja May 26 (Reporter Guo Jun) A shipwreck accident occurred in the northwest of Nigeria, causing more than 100 people missing. At the interview with Xinhua News Agency, Kaibi, the police spokesperson, said that the police received the report that a ship equipped with more than 160 people sank on the Niger River on the 26th. At that time, the ship is from The central Niger is driving to the way to Kepi. The minority is rescued, and the rest is missing. The police have sent rescue personnel to the incident, and the specific situation is being verified. The Nigerian media quoted a local official report that this accident is caused by vessel overload▪▼●, only more than 20 people are rescue.

Source: Chinas Voice Original Title•●▽=: US “301 Investigation” True: Does the Chinese government authorize companies to obtain advanced technology for US investment? According to the Voice of China “News” report: China and the United States of this round trade friction upgrade••★□, starting with a 301 report. “301” report refers to Article 301 of the 1974 Trade Law, and the US Trade Representative Office can use the provisions of this provision, investigate the US trading partner countries, based on 301 investigations, referred to as ★•△◇”301 investigation” The US adopts 301 investigations to take Chinas trade restrictions, which is typical single-sided and trade protectionism, serious violation of the WTO rules★●. According to the US 301 survey, a cross-sectoral team consisting of experts and economists, Chinas four practic ski jacket factory! custom socks wholesale canada