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[green windbreakers]Reported screenshot of the original title: highlight the new era of Chinas foreign diplomatic mightyness promotion “two buildings”▷◆-, new era Chinese special country diplomatic wave “promotes the construction of human fate community, this is an important part of the 19th National Report, write The Chinese Communist Party will now write a draft constitutional amendment. ▼□=”2018 is the year of implementation of the 19th National Spirit. Chinas diplomacy will take out new meteograms under the guidance of Chinas characteristic socialist thinking□=, and show new weather.▼★=□” At the reporter meeting held in the two sessions Chinas foreign minister is interpreted, the worlds gaze leads China to promote the great journey of building a community of human fate●▪…◁. New era Chinas diplomacy has brought fresh winds in the field of international relations★●, and the mighty gas…★■◇. Promote construction of new international closur.

Original title: Marriage registration is seriously lost, will be restricted to recruit as civil servant! Many departments such as the National Development and Reform Commission have signed the ○=…”Cooperation Memorandum of Joint Disciplinary Delivery for Marriage Registration△▼”, and the parties will face 14 joint discussions, including restricted recruitments (employ) for national public officials; Restrictions are registered as legal representatives of institutions; restrictions on state-owned enterprise legal representatives, directors, supervisors, senior management personnel=▪; restrict the honor of ethics and other models. (Li Jinlei) Editor-=◆: Huo plain black sports leggings◁■□■ mass t shirt printing!

Original title▽=: The peoples jurker system helps to avoid false mistakes on April 25th, the Draft of the Peoples Jership Apriceways will be considered by the Standing Committee of the National Peoples Congress. On the basis of a review, the second review will further expand the scope of the peoples jurors. In the first instance of the peoples jurors and judges★△=, the “may be sentenced to more than ten years of imprisonment●★○,▲…” revised “revised” to “change to” may be sentenced to more than ten years of imprisonment◁◁☆, life imprisonment, death penalty Criminal cases●•, and increased criminal cases with significant social impacts▷•. The peoples jurier system is a basic judicial system in my country. It is a system that absorbed non-professional judges and professional judges from the public. In this consideration…-…, the expansion of the scope of the participating cases of the people of the people means that the syst.

Original title▼=•◇: Zhongshan Minister and the Japanese Economic Industry Datong Handong Cheng held a meeting on April 15th, the Minister of Commerce, Minister, Minister of Commerce, Meisheng Meets in Tokyo in Tokyo, Japan. Zhongshan said that the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China established the socialist thinking of Chinese characteristics in Xi Jinping as a guiding ideology, and has formulated a grand blueprint for building a comprehensive socialist modern power=▲◇. According to the 19th National Central Committee☆○☆▪, China will promote the formation of a comprehensive open new pattern to build a community of human fate. President Xi Jinping announced the major initiatives of China to expand open in the Boao Forums 2018 annual meeting, which will have to bring greater development opportunities for the business and trade pragmatic cooperation between China and Japan. Zhongshan pointed out that in November last year, the leaders of the two countries reached an important consensus on the improvement and development of China-Japan relations◇■☆■, and Sino-Japanese economic and trade cooperation present••=• shirts for sublimation wholesale!flannel with fur collar,