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[wholesale shirts and pants]Original title▽▼☆◆: Fishing boat is rescued, the fighter emergency takes off, staged the life and death◇•, the naval transport plane took off from the airport of Qiong Island▼-…, transfer Nansha 187 Hospital, so that the patient turned into danger. On March 23, the Naval Air Force Available in Qiongtu Flights staged a “life and death speed” running with time racing. At 2 pm on the 22nd☆◇…, a island reef stationed unit received a fishing boat to help☆●, the ship fishermen Li Feng came to vomit blood, high fever, and people have shove. The unit was first dispatched with a medical group▲…▲. After preliminary consultation, it was found that the patient had a grease bleeding. The amount of bleeding has reached 1000cc▼■, and the medical staff immediately took measures against anti-shock treatment, boosting, but still needed to further identify the cause. However, the medical conditions on the island are limited and surgery cannot be performed☆◇◆●. The leaders of the stationary unit immediately decide.

Original title: Violation of business card cases Alarm the highest inspection business card is held by public officials, mainly for credit cards for daily official spending and financial reimbursement business. However, some banks in Weinan did not handle in accordance with the regulations◁◆▼, eventually brought huge losses to the state…•▲▽. Sun Junzhong has always believed that he was opened by units, and he and Changan Bank Co., Ltd. Weinan Branch (hereinafter referred to as Changan Bank Weinan Branch) have been fighting the lawsuit▽▲, hoping that the court can revoke the original unit to his expenditure◇▷. Previously, Changan Bank Weinan Branch believes that Sun Junzhong did not properly fulfill the duties of bank staff and caused economic losses of 17.7 million yuan to banks, so they will be opened. Sun Junzhong believes that his duties are the lowest◆◆▽, and the responsibility assumed should also be the mos.

Original title: CPPCC, Huo Weiping△★: It is recommended to implement “Nanshui North Running West Line Project■△•” to implement the southern water and north-rising West Line project not only improve the ecological environment of Gansu•☆=▽, Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, etc■●◇○. Poverty poverty management-◇●, and can improve the infrastructure conditions such as traffic, energy, communications along the line, and promote the construction of and all the way●▲▽◇. “Huo Weiping Committee recommended to implement” Nanshi North Running West Line Engineering “as soon as possible…◇△☆. Member of Huo Wei Ping said that the east and mid-water transfer projects in my country, ◆▪•”South Water North Tour□○” planned, and it has been completed and put into operation▼■◇▼, which greatly promotes the rapid development of economic and social in Beijing, Tianjin and the water. The ecological location in the northwest is important. If the Tongtian River is transferred into the Yellow River, then part of the introduction of the Hexi corridor can be reduc-■.

Original title: The former Secretary-General Annan Diwande: China deeply mourned the “Foreign Ministry Spokesmans Office” public number (XWS4_FMPRC) news, on August 20●▲=▷, the Foreign Ministry■•☆, the reporter meeting•◇▷△, there are reporters asked: According to reports, Out of the United Nations Secretary-General Annan died in Switzerland on the 18th, enjoy the 80 year old. Who is the Chinese side to the Mr. Annan▲▼? Do you express condolences to the relevant part? Lu Hong: The Chinese side expressed deep condolences to Mr. Annan•▽, the Secretary-General of the United Nations, unfortunately◁▷•, and expressed sincere condolences to Mr◇▲△◁. Annan□•▽◁. Chinese President Xi Jinping called the Secretary-General of the United Nations to express condolences. Mr. Annan is the old friend of the Chinese people▼◁, is a world-renowned international event, an outstanding representative of the African people▪=…. Mr. Annan has enhanced the trust of the people of all countrie.oasis parka jacket – best wholesale shirsuppliers clothing distributors recycled shirts,