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[materials for boxing]Original title: The five major countries have returned last year, and some banks six completed employees over the 40-year-old ticket Daily on April 3, with the new China Banks annual report, five state-owned banks were disclosed in 2017. According to the annual report, the employees of the five state-owned banks are all reduced in the territory of banking institutions, including the Industrial and Commercial Bank☆□▽■, Agricultural Bank, and the construction banks are more than 8,000, and the Bank of China only reduces 96 employees, and the number of overall employees does not fall. In response, the banking staff in the Bank of Communications decreased by 1259 people…○▪▲. In addition, in the structure of state-owned big groups, many banks more than 40 years old age employees account for more than 40%, and the employees of the Agricultural Bank more than 63% are more than 63%◁☆, of which employees aged 51 and over▷◆. exce…■△▽.

Original title▷=★□: German media: Chinas digital field flourishing innovation Quality World Leading March 5▽◇•, the State Council Prime Minister Li Keqiang made a government work report. Xinhua News Agency reporter Yan Peng photo Overseas Network on March 6th▪☆●, the first meeting of the 13th National Peoples Congress opened in the Great Hall of the People, and Li Keqiang reported to the General Assembly on behalf of the State Council★•◁. In the report▽▷★■, in the past five years, Chinas innovative driving development results are fruitful. The National Daily “New Germany◇◁○=” said in the report that in recent years, China has been flourishing in the field of digitization, but also in the world leadership•▲…. “New Germany” is mentioned in the report that Li Keqiang especially emphasizes the establishment of Chinas popular entrepreneurship in the governments work report, especially the “Internet +” is widely integrate.

Original title: China and the United States “trade war”, do not fight? The United States is $ 60 billion to China, and China is 3 billion US dollars, Chinas ackning attack, is it soft? The National Social Security Fund Council Chairman, the first financial minister=△◇, Li Wei, Li Wei: I definitely play soybeans, then play the car▷★▷, then play the plane. High-speed rail equipment, information technology, new energy, robot■▲, why is the United States to express Chinas high-tech○□▪? Chen Welfare, Director of the Ministry of Commerce△▼□□: In fact, our 301 investigation of the United States has been fully prepared◆•△…. In the past■■◇, the US 301 investigation initiated by the United States had 5 times, and every time I negotiated=☆■▼, then this time? “News 1 + 1″ Bai Yansong, invite Zhu Min tonight to interpret you: China and the United States ▷□”trade war”, enter the four?

Original title: The National Peoples Congress representative Wang embroidery: calling on the peony to become “national flower▽◆▼-“▼◁★★, and determine the national flower is the symbol of national independence◁…■○, social stability▲★, and national prosperity◇-▪, and the concentration of national culture•▷□◇, the spirit of the people, the peoples will. my country has not yet determined that national flowers•☆◁, the graceful peony can be ▼•…◆”national flower◇■” and determine it in the form of law. The National Peoples Congress representative, Luoyang Museum Honorary Hall, the long king embroidered, there is such a call. The National Peoples Congress representative Wang embroidered image network diagram why is it suitable for national flowers□▼? Wang Suan said that the peony is the world famous flower, graceful, rich and rich◁☆•, with the history of the Chinese nation▷-●★. Moreover▼◆•, Peony has higher industrialization in my countrys domestic flowers▼■. The national cultivation area has reached more than 200,000 mu◁•, and the peony industry has adjusted agricultural structure and increases farmers incom.

Original title-□: Zhejiang Shaoxing Municipal Party Committee■★▽, the Secretary-General Zhong Hongjiang, ZHANG Hongjiang●▽○□, is a member of the Xian Municipal Committee of Shaanxi☆■•, and the Standing Committee is publicized according to the relevant regulations•△▲▼, the following proposal or proposed nominees will be publicized. Li Wei, female◁△☆▷, born in November 1968●◆…▪, Luochuan●▪, Shaanxi, June 1988, in January 1989 participated in the work. Full-time college degree, in-service graduate degree, masters degree in business administration=▼□. He is currently the Standing Committee of Xian Municipal Party Committee, Secretary of the Party Work Committee of Xian Economic Development Zone, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Xian Aviation Base◆▪□◁, and the Secretary of the Yangling Demonstration Zone Party Work Committee-□☆. Li Jiuhong, male, born in March 1969, Shanxi New 绛=□, June 1992, June 1994, participated in the work in May 1994. Full-time graduate degree, masters degree in engineering, postgraduate degr▪…◆?activewear usa!

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