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[wholesale rain jackets for monogramming]Original title: Shenzhen public security public recruitment 4,000 auxiliary police, there is a welfare applying for housing according to the relevant provisions of the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone Police Assistant Personnel Regulations, Shenzhen Municipal Public Security Bureau decided to organize 4,000 public recruitment police assistants. This recruiter mainly arranged the public security line▪☆▽▷, assisted in conducting anti-terrorism, disposal▽◆, patrol prevention and control, and fulfilling the important responsibilities given by the Regulations▪…. Recruitment objects full-time colleges and universities in 2018 graduates and society with state colleges who have recognized academic qualifications. In 2018▷○☆, the graduates of the domestic full-time colleges and universities must obtain the corresponding diploma before September 30, 2018◇…△; other applicants must register the first day (that is, March 12●■■★, 201…•?

Original title: Anbang Insurance◆□•: Cash flow can fulfill all policy commitments to March 28th, Anbang Insurance Group took over the Working Group announced in the Andang Insurance Group website, Wu Xiaohui accepts the court publicly heats due to personal criminal behavior. Previously, the Anbang Insurance Group has been removed from the chairman of Wu Xiaohui and the general manager. At present, the Anbang Insurance Group has a smooth operation of the business operation under the supervision department, and the cash flow is proud. It is possible to fulfill the guaranty of all Anbang customers to ensure that the legitimate rights and interests of the policyholders are not lost. (Take a look at the news KNEWS reporter: Zhang Ying Editor: Fan HQ Dian) Editor: Zhang Yili!

Original title: The Ministry of Agriculture responded to the export of ▷△”plastic rice…▽△” to Africa: China Emerald is very safe Overseas Network on March 7•-○•, on the morning of the 7th☆•, the 13th National Peoples Congress One Meeting News Center held a reporter meeting in the central multi-function hall of Meiya, The Ministry of Agriculture, Minister of Agriculture, Han Changfu, Ministry of Agriculture▽△•, Pan Xianzheng▽-□, director of the General Office○★☆=, to answer questions about China and foreign journalists on the “implementing rural resolution strategy to promote agricultural transformation-…▷”▽◇-•. What technologies that China have introduced rice to Africa, and what technologies teach in China to Africa. Han Chang◇◇•, Minister of Agriculture◆▲◇, said that China and Sierra Leone are friendly countries, willing to do more on the basis of some cooperation▪◇◁. Chinas rice is safe. For “plastic rice”-…, I am unheard▽□. (Reporter Peng Xinwen) Click to enter the special responsibility Editor: Chu Xiaoh. cheap hoodies blank custom fitness apparel wholesale – hoodie vendors.

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