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[sleek black jacket](Anti-neooperative pneumonia) Medical tension, vaccine shortwise Taiwan authorities epidemic prevention policy to controversy◇◁▼, China, Taipei, May 28, China Retreat the criticism of the Epidemic Prevention Policy of the Administration of the Administration☆▲. There is a Taiwanese media pointed out that the authorities have “empty painting cake” in the vaccine policy, which greatly blocks their own purchase and misinterpret the goodwill of the continent, and is active and derelicted. Comprehensive Central Society○▲▪•, Jian News Net□▲, Ettoday News Cloud report▽…, Taiwan authorities “Pop Divide Command Center▽☆□▷” announced on the 28th, adding 297 cases of local confirmed cases and 258 cases “correction regression●□=▽” case.

Original title◇★: National Development and Reform Commission▲▲▼◇: Comprehensive relaxation of cities to settlement conditions New Beijing News (Reporter Shaob) The website of the National Development and Reform Commission today (March 13) announced the -●▽”Notice on Implementing Key Tasks Implemented 2018″ (hereinafter referred to as ” ▲◇□▷”Notice”) requires a comprehensive relaxation of cities to settlement conditions, and realizes that the residential certificate is covered with all unresolved people. In 2018, it realized 13 million people in the city. ●☆△”Notice” provides a comprehensive relaxation of the city to settle down. Small and medium-sized cities and construction towns should be fully released. The demand for large cities on the accepted capital of the urban social security should not exceed 5 years▼☆▽, of which II big cities must not implement points to settle◆▷, there is conditional cities to further reduce the social security system; II implementation points to implement integration to reach social security and residential age !

Original title: Jilin Songyuan 5 months 13 shock experts have expressed the possibility of seizure of seizure of 7th level 01◁=:50, and a magnitude 5●=.7 earthquake occurred in Ningjiang District, Songyuan City, Jilin Province. The local earthquake officer official website shows that this year is 13 earthquakes, but most is below level 4. At the end of 2013, Songyuan took 5 or more earthquakes in 23 days▽★◇■. The earthquake experts analyzed at the time, and there was no geological construction conditions for seismic in 7 or above. Click to enter the topic: 5○□.7 earthquake responsibility in Ningjiang District, Jilin Songyuan City, Jilin Songyuan Editor: Huo .

@ Peoples Daily: # National two sessions # [heavy pound●◆○▼ casual jacket wholesale! Nine maps read other institutional adjustments in the State Council] Today●■△, the State Council institutional reform plan is asked for consideration. 1 form the State Administration of China; 2 to form the State Radio and Television Administration; 3 to establish the Bank of China Insurance Regulatory Commission; 4 to form the national international development cooperation parties; More ↓↓ Forward, collect china tee shirts gymnastic ball! Click to enter the special responsibility Editor●△■: Zhang Yili▲=.