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China News Agency…◇, May 26 (Li Jingze) For the US House Recently, the US Global Leadership and Participation Act▼◁□△, called on the United States and allies to coordinate the competition of China, and the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lie 26th in routine The press contest said that China resolutely opposed this and will firmly defend their own interests△=□. ○=▲★”The United States will consider the fact that the development road and internal and external policies of the United States are involved in Chinas sovereign and territorial complete issues, which damage the Chinese interests•…▷◆. China is resolutely opposed□★◇, will firmly defend their own interests▼△◇△.◁▪” Zhao Lijian pointed out. Xue Wei took him that the Taiwan issue is the political foundation of Sino-US relations◆◇•◇, which is an insurmountable red lin.

Original title▪=…: Scene “Reader” magazine summary: Cannot rely on the title of Lei people, extreme views and extreme emotions to absorb the eyeball liberation daily · View news reporter Wang Hai Yan talks about Yan Zhu Yizhen this morning☆●○, the Peoples Great Hall Central Hall opened The last “representative channel” centralized interview activity◇▲=□, 9 National Peoples Congress representatives accept interviews▪■★. In the new era of answering the traffic, do you have to adhere to the content of the content, the reader publishing the President of the Media Co., Ltd., the total editor of Fukang New Year, the content is the core logic of the king, that is□▷…▲, only make more quality content In order to win more customers○△▼●, this view is not only out of time◁○▪, but also more realistic. Fukang Year said, I have two understanding, first■○▪, since it is a king◆…, I have to go in front, all cultural products should be social pink compression shirt mens.

Xinhua News Agency•=☆, Hong Kong, May 27th▷☆•△, Hong Kong SAR Administrative Chief Expo…□▲•, Lin Zheng Yuexuan, said on the 27th that the Legislative Council considered through “2021 to improve the Election System (Comprehensive Amendment) Bill”, to ensure that ▼◇”Patriot Governor” Major marker. Lin Shi Yue said that in recent years, the political chaos in Hong Kong fully explains the Hong Kong election system, so that the opposite chaos is organically multiplied, enter the special zone political system, seriously damage the Hong Kong constitutional order••◆▲, endanger national security and hindering governance. In order to block vulnerabilities, disorderly, the National Peoples Congress passed the decision on improving the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Election System on March 11, the National Peoples Congress Standing Committee in the count.blank shirts canada