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[dye sublimation shirts wholesale]Original title: Chinas global high-pay digging pilot★•●, the most difficult to ask for the companys best, Liu Chuanjian, China Sichuan Airlines, has recently realized a fire. When a flight to Lhasa encountered a windshield at 9★▽▪,000 meters, he suddenly broke the dangers••▪…, he was successfully prepared for the Yidu Airport. Some people say, “This is a history of history▲-○….★…•▲” Liu Chuanjian replied: “I flew 100 this route, it should be more familiar.” In fact, this reflects a professionalism of a captain. At present▲▼▲, the experienced captain of Liu Chuanjian has become a need for people in the world, and even the pilots are also very popular. According to ICAO estimates, by 2036, at least 620○▷•,000 flippers will be required to drive more than 100 civil aviation aircraft, 80% of them will be newly received in the futur.

Original title: China Office jointly issued▪▪-: Local party and government leading cadres obstruct the safety accident investigation will be accountable for the Beijing News News (Reporter Wang Mengyao) Recently●▽•●, China Office, National Office issued ★☆◇□”Local Party and Government Leading Cadres Safety Production Responsibility Regulations -▲…•”State” clearly, the local party and government leading cadres are obstructed, and the interference production safety accident investigation and processing will be accountable▲…◇●. The reporter learned that this is the partys internal law in my countrys first security production field◇▽=◇, and “provisions••=” will be implemented from April 8, 2018. The △-•☆”provisions◆◇□” clarified the safety production responsibilities of the main person in charge of the local party committee and above the county level, the safety production responsibilities of the government, other person in charge=◇◁★. The responsibilities of the main person in charge include including safety production into government key work and important content of government work reports◆△◇▪, and organize safety production planning a•◁★.

Data Map□●: Yang Wanming▷☆-■, President of Beijing Senior Peoples Court. Zeng 鼐 鼐 鼐 标: Pilot Establishment of Mediation Procedure National Peoples Congress, Beijing Senior Peoples Court, Yang Wanming▲=-□, made recommendations when he participated in Beijing delegation to review the report of the two hospitals, and in-depth development of diversified dispute resolution mechanisms, in the laws Establish a mediation preamp…-, it is recommended to establish a pilot work of the court to mediate the pre-program▲◁, and gradually push it on a pilot◇=-○. The court should not put the court to solve the dispute, Yang Wanming, who has made a good suggestion in the work of the new era people•=□. He first suggested◁△•, in-depth development of diversified dispute resolution mechanisms○▲★○, and set up a mediation preamplifrate in the lawsuit system. “From the high level of national governance system and the modernization of governance, the rule of law should be digesti?

First Financial Reporter: I would like to ask Chen Xiaohua, everyone knows that the industry is prosperous is the focus of rural revitalization. Recently, we learned in an interview that the current rural population continued to decrease…▷•▽, some villages have appeared △▷▽”hollow” phenomenon. Excuse me, how does the village make the industrial revision▷…•☆? Chen Xiaohua: Everyone knows that the key to the revitalization of the country is in people=●. If a village has no popularity, there is no talent, and the development of this village must definitely not do it▼★▽☆. At this stage, the labor force of rural areas is indeed continuously. Some villages have also appeared …○”hollow” phenomena, and this issue should be seen from two aspects. On the one hand, it is an inevitable result of urbanization. Many countries in the world have reached 70% in the urbanization rate, and there is a phenomenon of rural population outflow. In the past five years, the rural population enters the city to sett.

Zhongxin Net Zhaohot May 28 (Reporter Zhang Linhu) On the 28th○▼■=, the reporter learned from the Ecological Environment of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, as of the end of 2020-▽, Inner Mongolia established 182 natural protected areas at all levels, total area of ​​126.74 million hectares▲○, accounting for 10.71% of the country of the whole region. Inner Mongolia is one of the key areas of my countrys biodiversity, in the countrys 32 landlocked land and water biodiversity protection priorities▲■▽, involving Inner Mongolia○☆○▪, Daxinganling, Hulunbeier, Songneng Plain-▪▼, Xilin Gol Grassland, Si Erdos – Helan Mountain – Yin Mountain and other 5 priority areas. Inner Mongolia has 2,619 wild vascular plants◆•, Lu Zunji.