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[bamboo tshirts]Original title: 218 days before China and US Trade: The worlds two major economies trade friction is how to lose control◁■-•, and after 218 days of preparation, US President Turkong has a protection terms set when developing in the Cold War. Opened the trade war against China-☆◆△. At the early morning of March 23, Beijing time◆▲, Trump signed the presidential memorandum, announced that it will increase tariffs on the large-scale duty of goods imported from China○●•. He said in front of the White House, Chinas commodity scale involving taxes can reach 60 billion US dollars – this is more than $ 50 billion in the Bai House official to 50 billion US dollars in the Bookstore•▽. After the Turku signature, he raised a memorandum in front of the reporter to show his hard attitude to the outside world, especially in Beijing. This is just the fir.

Time media said that under the deadlock on both sides, the Taiwan authorities will face a significant test in November. According to Taiwan▪▪•, “Wang Daily” reported on July 23, in the face of the United States regarded mainland China as a main opponent☆▲, there is a relatively vacuum area in the United States■○■■, and the mainland is riveting★★=★. In November, the mainland will organize China-South Pacific Island Summit◇★, and a total of 6 □★◁”Bang Dranates” in the South Pacific region; then the 20th National Group (G20) summit will be November 30 to December 1 Has been held in Buenos Aires○□▪, Argentina▪◆, and Chinas national leaders will attend 10 “Bang Division” in Central and South America and the Caribbean. The so-called “Banglion” situation in the Taiwan authorities in November is in full swing. According to reports, Papua New Guinean Prime Minister Peter ONeill revealed that this year.

Source◇-: China Voice Original title: Suddenly suspended by multiple mathematics competitions: It is not completely called but to regulate organizational and crown of famous events suddenly collectively organized China Voice “News◁□” report. On the evening of February 28th▪△▼, the parents in Guangzhou have received the notices learned from the education and training institutions, and in the notice: the registration of the primary school mathematics league. And after receiving this one or two days ago, the teachers who studied them were still on WeChat to inform the parents of the parents. It is understood that the Guangdong Provincial Primary School Mathematics League plans officially opened on March 1□•■△, and the relevant personnel said that there is still not known whether such competition will be held-○◆■, but learn to support the relevant policies of the four commission▷◁-, so suspend Registration work. On the afternoon of the 1st, the reporter dial.wholesale windbreakers!

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