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mass produce custom t shirts – glove manufacturers![gray and white varsity jacket]Original title: The Minister of Education ▪■▼”Takes Test” Talks about the big class: More people, the mood will definitely be aware of news reporters Zhang Xiling on the 16th, the 13th National Peoples Congress, a meeting, the news center•…-▽, the Multi-Film, Multi-Film▪▼, held a reporter Meeting◆★△, Minister of Education=□☆, Chen Baosheng, “Trying to make every child can enjoy fair and quality education” to answer questions from Chinese and foreign journalists. Chen Baosheng, whitened hair, sits on the speech, and the golden sentence is constantly. When a greeting reporter, he said that the new era is a new long prototype of our educated people, and the newly taken the test of the question is two questions. A examination is to accelerate the education of education, building a strong education△■▪▲, and do a good job in the peoples satisfaction◇◆. This is a one-hearted goal▽●◁. The second question is to solve the development imbalance faced by good education, inadequate vario☆●◁.

China New Network May 27th (Zhang Hengwei) On the 27th, on the occasion of the anniversary of the 72nd anniversary of Shanghai○□■•, Zhao Xingzhi Archives Donation Ceremony was held in the Bund Pavilion in the Municipal Archives. About Chen Yanyan Danyang speech▲◆, Shanghai liberation process, Shanghai Liberation street seeing work notes▷▪☆, diary, letter, document, photo and other precious archives into Zang Municipal Archives, to celebrate the partys 100-year-old and party history education added vivid and fresh Textbook▪□-=. Zhao Xingzhi■△▲•, July 1938 went to Yanan from Hong Kong◆△■▼, and joined the Communist Party of China in October□●. After the liberation of Shanghai, he served as deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the Shanghai Military Management Conference•▲, secretaries▽▼, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the East China Military Committee, and Personn.

Original title: Yang Chicang◆○◇, Party Secretary of the Ministry of Transport: The speed of □△”super high-speed rail” is not the unreachable dream Beijing News (Reporter Guo Chao) Chinas high-speed rail “revival” started last year, not only improved railway transport Self-technical capabilities☆○, also become •▲◁•”business cards☆△” in China. Yang Chicang•◁, Party Secretary of the Ministry of Transport, revealed in the serving Chaoguang program, and will further strengthen the technological innovation of high-speed rail technology in the future○▷○…, and the speed of •▽”super high-speed rail” is not a distant dream. Yang Chicang introduced that the revival has independent intellectual property rights and technology has reached the worlds advanced level•▽. Running up to 350 kilometers per hour, and the speed of actual operation in the world is the fastest. Chinas high-speed rail has not only provided a faster◇◁, mo●○▲.

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